Insurance and Billing

Here at Mohawk Valley Endoscopy Center and Digestive Disease Medicine, our goal is to provide the best care available through the understanding of our patient’s needs for service; regardless of race, religion, or economic background.  Through our physicians and billing department, we will do our best to provide you with the knowledge of our services and the financial arrangements for the medical care provided.  We are committed to providing the best quality care, while understanding the need to limit services to only those that are necessary.

It is the patient’s responsibility to provide complete and accurate billing information to our staff.  Mohawk Valley Endoscopy Center and Digestive Disease Medicine work with many insurance providers and insurance plans.  Our billing department will file the appropriate reimbursement claims in an efficient and effective manner.

Deductibles and co-payments will be the patient’s responsibility at the time of his/her visit.  Any non-payment fees not covered by the insurance provider, will be the patient’s financial responsibility.  Patients will receive a bill for their balance, with the appropriate adjustments, which is due upon receiving the bill. Mohawk Valley Endoscopy Center accepts all patients regardless of their ability to pay.  The Center has an Indigent and Charity Care Policy where patients receive discounts on a sliding scale basis, based on family income and household size.  If you need to make payment arrangements under the Charity Care Policy, please contact our billing department.

Our physicians  participate with Medicare/Medicaid  and accept Medicare claims.  Any deductible, co-payment or portion not paid by the insurance provider is the patient’s responsibility.  The same concept applies for HMO’s and PPO’s.  It is the patient’s responsibility to understand the specific rules and regulations of his/her policy (i.e. referral requirements, pre-certification, limits on charges, specific location/physicians to use).

Participating Insurances

The Mohawk Valley Endoscopy Center and Digestive Disease Medicine participate in many insurance plans and health insurance companies.  Insurances are constantly changing and it is recommended that you stay up to date with your specific coverage and plans.  When calling in for an appointment, be sure to provide your current insurance plan and policy number.

Please note: Performing gastroenterology procedures typically involves the services of various providers. In addition to the MVEC Physician charge, you may receive a separate charge from the anesthesiologist and from the laboratory that performed your pathology reports. If you have any questions regarding your charges we will be happy to assist you.

We are required by the New York State Public Health Law Section 24 to provide information to our patients prior to providing services regarding the following:

1. Health Care plans with which the center participates :

American Progressive – Todays   Options
Blue Cross
BS Federal, Commercial
Cigna Healthcare
Lifetime Benefits Solutions
Tricare Region 1 Claims
United Healthcare
United Healthcare – Empire

If the Center does not participate in the network of a patient’s health care plan, the amount or estimated amount the patient will be billed for health care services is available upon request.  Contact the billing office at 315-624-7000 to make a request.

2. Hospitals with which we are affiliated:

A.Mohawk Valley Health System

– Faxton- St. Luke’s Healthcare

-St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center

B. Oneida Healthcare


Contact information for billing

For all billing related questions (including Anesthesia and Pathology) please contact:

Digestive Disease Medicine Billing Department
110 Business Park Dr.
Utica, NY 13502
Phone: (315)624-7000

Hours      Tuesday- Friday 8:30 am- 4:00 pm