About Our Facility


The Endoscopy Center is located at 116 Business Park Dr, Utica, NY 13502

waiting room

The Facility

Mohawk Valley Endoscopy Center is custom designed to accommodate our patients in a professional manner, with constant concern for their privacy and convenience.  It is on the second floor of the newly renovated facility, which provides a warm, comfortable environment for our patients and their families.  The patients sign in at the registration desk adjoining the spacious waiting room that is available for those family members and others who accompany the patient.  The waiting area includes a water station, cable television, and magazines, books and free guest wifi.  Adjacent to the waiting room is the Business Park Café.  The facility houses a 9 bed admitting area, four large state of the art procedure rooms, and a 9 bay recovery room that provides a pleasant, efficient, and friendly setting for our patients while they receive care from our skilled, caring staff.

The Admitting Area

The admitting area is equipped with 9 bays, with music and privacy panels for each patient.   Our admitting nurses prepare the patients for their procedure by confirming their health history, placing an IV for fluids and medication to be provided, and answering any questions.  Each patient also has the opportunity to talk with our attending anesthesiologist to discuss the plan for their procedure.   

The Procedure Rooms

Each procedure suite is outfitted with high definition video monitoring equipment to provide a better examination and better documentation for the patient record.  All of the suites include wall suction, oxygen  and equipment capable of monitoring cardiac rhythm, pulse rate and the oxygen saturation of each patient to ensure patient safety.  Our skilled anesthesia providers ensure our patients comfort while monitoring the patient throughout the procedure.  The nurses, anesthesia provider, and your physician work together to provide quality care of the highest standard.




The Recovery Room

The recovery room is equipped with 9 bays, where our patients are closely monitored after their procedure by our Registered Nurses.  The routine use of anesthesia for the procedures results in most of our patients experiencing rapid recovery from the medications; feeling alert and able to return to normal activities.  Once awake and alert, the patients are offered a beverage and the patient’s families are encouraged to join them at the bedside to discuss the findings of the procedure with their physician.




Scope Reprocessing Room

A trio of rooms is devoted to cleaning, disinfecting, and storing the high definition video endoscopes used for our procedures.   The Center has strict policies and procedures regarding the reprocessing of the scopes and infection control.  We utilize the newest technology available for the electronic scope washe,r which completes the high level disinfection process.  Our staff receive continuous training to meet and exceed the standards set by the professional and government organizations that monitor our practice.




The Business Park Café

The Business Park Café is centrally located in the facility. Operated by a local restaurateur, the café provides a variety of food and beverages such as homemade soups, creative salads, festive sandwiches and entrees using the freshest ingredients. A Moveable Feast by O’Connor’s, known for its superb level of service and quality food throughout New York State, is proud to be in the Utica Business Park at Mohawk Valley Endoscopy, offering nutritious and healthy meal options.


Special Needs

Our facility is wheel chair accessible. Translation services as well as Hearing impaired services are available at the patient’s request. If you need any special assistance, please let us know at least one week prior to your appointment.