What to expect on the day of your procedure:

Registration:  please bring your license, insurance card and co-pay.

You will be asked to sign for review of our Privacy Policy

You must have a ride home; please let your doctor know if this is a problem.

Please plan to be at the center for approximately three hours.

It is critical that you do not drink anything for at least four hours before your exam.


Admitting:  Please bring your glasses, your CPAP if you use one, and medication list.

Please leave all valuables at home.  Wear something loose and comfortable.

We will verify your medical history, and you will speak with our anesthesiologist.

 We will start an IV for fluids and medication to be provided.

A family member may sit with you until you go in for your exam.


Procedure Room:  You will be transferred to the procedure room on a stretcher.

You will talk with the nurse , CRNA (nurse anesthetist) and your doctor before your exam.  The team will confirm what exam you are having done.

The staff will place monitors to watch your heart rate and blood pressure, and will give you oxygen before you receive medication.


Recovery Room:  You will remain on the stretcher until you are fully awake.

The nurse will monitor your vital signs, and will provide you with something to drink once you are awake.

If you have had a colonoscopy, you will need to pass gas (flatus) before you go home.

Your doctor will discuss the findings of your exam with you, and your family if you wish.

You will be discharged in the care of a family member or friend.  You will not be able to drive on the day of your procedure.